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Profit Model for a Mobile Food Business Basic Information about dealing with the Health Department

After reading the information in this section
it is strongly recommended you schedule an appointment with a health inspector in your area. Laws regarding mobile food permits and licensing vary by state, county and country. Before you can purchase a mobile food or concession cart, you will need to familiarize yourself with health department regulations in your area. There may be equipment you are legally required to have on your cart in order to pass inspection.  

Top Dog Carts meet international health regulations. However, there are often modifications needed to meet specific requirements in different states or countries. For instance, some states require a specific number of sinks to be built into the cart.   

Top Dot Carts makes it easy to pass inspection!
Below is a list to help guide you through the inspection and permitting process.

  • Have plans of the cart you intend to purchase on hand when you visit your health inspector. This will help both of you to discuss any additional equipment you may need to operate in your area. TDC Manufacturing will also provide you with a complete schematic of your finished cart for use in passing inspection.

  • Pay close attention to everything the health inspector says. And take notes! This will make it easier to explain special equipment requirements or questions to your Top Dog Cart  consultant. Ask the health inspector for a printed copy of the health codes. This document is free by request. 

  • If your health inspector has questions you are not comfortable answering, they may contact us directly at 1-888-282-5002. We can also fax any necessary information to them upon request. 

  • Ask your inspector if there are any restrictions on where you can and cannot vend.

  • If you are planning on purchasing add-on equipment such as grills, griddles, deep fryers, ask your inspector about the codes on these items.

As always, if your health inspector asks you any questions you are unsure about,  direct them to us.